Onsite Commercial Vehicle Inspections
Attleboro MA,02703
Office  508-455-2841 - Cell  508-431-7908

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Helpful Hints                                                              

Most commonly found problems:

    •No registration- a photo copy or original registration must be available for the inspection

    •Missing plates on vehicle. Please be sure all plates supplied are mounted in the proper location on the vehicle with its current, valid registration sticker attached to the plate.

     •Please be sure that the check engine light, airbag light, diesel regeneration light is off. Please give the vehicle a quick “once over” to make sure it’s ready for inspection; lights all work, tires, brakes, seat belts and windows are all in correct working order.

     •We want the inspection to go as smoothly as possible. Most small problems can be picked up ahead of time by a simple walk around.

     •All we ask is to have the vehicle on firm, level surface with registration ready, to perform the inspection and the appropriate fee ready to be collected.

     •The vehicle will be jacked up for all underneath components to be checked to ensure safe operation. A level ground is a must for the inspectors safety.

     •Please be aware any trailer with a g.v.w. over 3000 lbs. will need to be inspected, commercial or non-commercial.

     •In the event you are not able to keep a scheduled appointment, please cancel as soon as possible to allow for another inspection elsewhere.