Onsite Commercial Vehicle Inspections
Attleboro MA,02703
Office  508-455-2841 - Cell  508-431-7908

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About This service                                          

Over time everything changes including laws, the way we do things in our business. With rising cost of fuel, drivers pay, wear and tear on the equipment, more and more people are in need of mobile services.


Our service is a great new way to save lots of time, money, headache. We keep logs on your entire fleet of 1,000 or just one! No fleet too big and no fleet too small. Never worry about a driver forgetting to tell you his/her mass/d.o.t. sticker is due. We keep records, we will call you to schedule the due trucks, trailers or any equipment due. Our goal is to provide you with the utmost, courteous, respectful, prompt service possible!! We can work one on one with your fleet mechanic too. We work together to make sure your inspection process goes as smoothly as possible. One call and our mobile truck can come out and inspect your equipment, get your vehicles up to date with all the current regulations. We are insured to protect you in the even of an unforeseen accident. You would never want anyone to touch your hard earned equipment without being properly insured! We are certified through the MASS d.o.t, trained, licensed as a mobile heavy duty inspection station for the state of Massachusetts. Call or e-mail today. You’ll be glad you did!!