Onsite Commercial Vehicle Inspections
Attleboro MA,02703
Office  508-455-2841 - Cell  508-431-7908

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Don't waste your time and fuel to get your commercial vehicle's state inspection sticker. save yourself the hassle of doing this troublesome task.

We are able to inspect all classes of commercial equipment including trailers
Coverter dollies, construction equipment, One phone call can get your entire fleet inspected
You can set up your equipment ( whether it be one or a thousand ) to be inspected right away or break them up into monthly schedule. Our vehicles are equipped with all the testing
Equipment so you don't have to be bothered hooking up trailers to a tractor.

Inspections can be done onsite and during your business idle time.
This saves you the hassle of equipment down time.         WE  DO   NOT DO REPAIR WORK!

Only inspections. with your mechanic onsite, small problems can be fixed quickly
While vehicles are inspected to get them to pass and BE SAFE!
Call today for pricing. set up an appointment, try us once and you'll be amazed how easy it is to get your state/federal inspections.